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Integrating technical research and development, product design, manufacturing, before and after-sales services,  SUNRISE Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specialized in offering whole-line projects of beverage production lines. Established at the beginning of this century, with a registered capital of 50 million Yuan, a land area of 20000m2 and standard plant of 13000m2, our company is located at Langfang City, Hebei Province, which is close to Beijing and Tianjin and enjoys convenient traffic conditions.
Our business scope: Our business mainly covers equipment and auxiliary equipment for neutral beverages, acidic beverages, effervescent beverages, wine, water, oil, condiments, medicines, etc. Our company also provides you with package shape design, beverage product formula, beverage plant design, beverage process flow design and consultation and other one-stop professional services. In addition, our company is also an enterprise specialized in design, installation, commissioning and after-sales service of pop can beverages, PET beverages and production lines. Our current products mainly include: design, production and installation of front water treatment systems, front dispensing systems, energy pipeline welding set-up, whole production lines of pop can beverages (mainly including whole-set pop can whole-line equipment such as automatic depalletizers, filling and sealing machines, automatic cage loading and unloading machines, robot palletizers, automatic case packers, etc.). On the basis of fully improving the above conventional products, our design team has also researched and developed our unique products including: automatic eight-treasure porridge capping machines, automatic longan adding machines, automatic lotus seed adding machines, Tetra cardboard packers, etc. With fine materials, reliable performance, and good adaptability, our products have greatly improved automation degree and scale degree of the whole production lines.
Our human resources and management level: SUNRISE has a high-quality, highly educated, well-trained team who are full of the team spirit and innovation spirit. Now we have more than 100 employees including 25 professional technicians. We have established such departments as finance department, human resources department, sales department,
purchasing department, technology department, engineering department, after-sales service department, workshops, etc. The personnel at relevant posts have rich experience in design, production, processing and assembly in the machinery industry. Meanwhile, our company is endlessly improving our comprehensive management level. We have been certified to the ISO9001-2008 quality management system, and implemented the ERP management system and CRM management system. Through our perfect management systems, we provide guarantee for product quality.
Our research, development and design strength: SUNRISE design team use such design and drawing software as CAD, CAXA, SOLIDWORKS, and apply three-dimensional drawing software for product research, development and design. All technicians are graduates from college and above, who have many years of experience in the design of machinery and whole-line projects. Our products are produced by referring to advantages and technologies of similar products at home and abroad. Through endless efforts and research and innovation, the technical level of our products is now at the leading position in the industry. We have researched, developed and manufactured dozens of products with mature technologies. The market share of relevant products is far ahead. Now we have applied for national patents for 12 products. In addition, we invite senior experts from Hebei University of Science and Technology, Hebei University and Beijing University of Technology to act as consultants of our company in guiding research, development and design of our food packaging production line equipment. We have also established a ’’production’’,  ’’learning’’ and  ’’research’’ cooperation relationship with Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology, laying a solid foundation for the long-term development of our company.
Faced with tremendous opportunities in the global beverage whole-line production industry, by practicing the enterprise principle of  ’’integrity and honesty, respecting others, wholehearted service, and eager to succeed’’, and cherishing the hope of producing China’s best (liquid) beverage packaging machinery, SUNRISE personnel are devoted to providing the most comprehensive solutions and services for liquid beverage factories and creating the greatest value for customers.








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