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Warmly celebrate the establishment of Beijing Sunrise Beverage Technology Co., Ltd.
Warmly celebrate the establishment of Beijing Sunrise Beverage Technology Co., Ltd.


With the beginning of 2018, a good news is coming. Beijing Sunrise Beverage Technology Co., Ltd. which is the sister company of Langfang Sunrise Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. is established. The general manager of Beijing Sunrise is Mr. Gong Shuli who is the former director of China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries and Graduate tutor. The team of Beijing Sunrise is made up of lots of experts and professors who has a lot of experience of the process and formulation of beverage. They can provide all the service of process and formulation service to all of our customers including:

Service of all kinds of beverage formulation

According to the samples which are provided by the customers, the team can research the formulation of the beverage and provide the total process of the beverage. With the adjustment of the adding order and weight of all the materials, we will get the best taste and character of the demo so that we can provide the perfect formulation to our customers.

Test of the beverage demo.

We can provide some demos of the beverage to the customer so that you can identify. Once the customers are satisfied, they can produce with a larger quantity.

Cost of the product

According to the formulation and process, combined with the price of all the material and quantity of the product, we can help the customers to calculate the cost the final product to help the customers to get the reasonable selling price.

Recommend the machinery proposal and supplier according to the process

According to the formulation and process, we can provide the best machinery proposal to our customers. At the same time, we will also provide the suggested supplier of the machinery according to our experience to solve the puzzle of the machinery for our customers.

Provide the after-sales service and direct the final product

Once the customers get the final formulation, we will arrange the professional engineer for the technical support to ensure that the customers can produce the final product successfully.

Beijing Sunrise Beverage Technology Co., Ltd. will try our best to provide the best service to all of our customers to get the perfect process and formulation. At the same time, we will corporate with Sunrise Packing to provide the most professional one-stop service of the beverage production line.









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