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Recommendation of new product—new designed bottle sterilization tunnel
Recommendation of new product—new designed bottle sterilization tunnel

Because of the special advantage of the PET Aseptic cold filling line, up to now, it has been to the most popular machine of the filling machine. To realize the aseptic cold filling, we need to confirm several steps as follows.

1. Sterilizing the filling material correctly

2. Ensuring the filling machine and filling environment are aseptic.

3. Sterilization of the empty bottle and caps.

4. Control of the aseptic process.

However, as a key point of the aseptic process, the sterilization of the empty bottles is very important. Up to now, there are two ways to sterilize the empty bottles according to the process of the empty bottles. First, spraying the atomizing disinfectant into the bottles to realize the sterilization of the empty bottles. Second, steeping the bottles with disinfectant. It means that we need to fill the disinfectant into the bottles. After the setting period, the bottles will be sterilized totally. The outer surface of the bottles will be sprayed for several times to confirm that the outer surface of the bottles will be sterilized totally also.

For the new designed sterilization tunnel of Sunrise, we choose the second way to confirm that the empty bottles will be sterilized fully. The empty bottles will be sent to the sterilization tunnel through the clean air conveyor. After the process as extensive filling and refined filling, the bottles will be filled with the disinfectant. The bottles will be kept in the sterilization tunnel for the set period then sent to the filling machine.

As the patented product of Sunrise Packing, the advantages of the sterilization tunnel are as follows.

u The bottles will be held by the bottle gripper. It will be much more convenient for the operators to change the size of the bottles. The operators don’t need to rise or fall the machines. The adjustment mechanism is not needed any more.

u With the reciprocating design, the sterilization tunnel will take less area.

u With the steeping and spraying of the bottles, both the inner face and outer face of the bottles will be sterilized to ensure the filling environment aseptic.

u Designed with the recycling mechanism, the disinfectant can be recycled.

Picture of the new designed sterilization tunnel

Sunrise Packingproviding the professional solution of the aseptic cold filling line and corporate with you together to make the aseptic and carefree beverage.









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